Giveaway Details

You will receive one entry to our monthly giveaway for a travel size Active Recovery Set by entering your name and email. The giveaway is ongoing which means you have multiple chances to win without re-entering each month.
HINT: To increase your chances, you can get extra entries for each person that signs up through the referral link you share provided on the thank you page after entry. 
Drawings will be held in the middle of each month starting and notified via email. 
Active Recovery Set 
What's Inside 

Magnesium Oil Spray
A unique formula of concentrated magenesium for maximum muscle recovery blended in aloe, lavender and coconut waters to restore skin. 
Fit Soak Bath Salt
An ancient ritual for the modern athlete. Soothe muscles, senses and your skin in a luxe immersion of magnesium, honey and essential oils. 
Fit Stick Muscle Balm
Immediate relief for muscle aches & pains, smartly designed to apply and take anywhere.
Jade Massage Stone
Ease muscle knots and painful trigger points with our Jade Massage Stone. Perfect for use with Magnesium Oil or Fit Stick Muscle Balm.
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